When they see it, do they feel it?

I didn’t watch it

I never do

I can feel the blood

I can feel the heart

The beat

The fall off



Cataclysmic shock

Through the system

The bang bang bang bang bang bang bang


Pixelated stranger on your laptop screen

Also a stranger to me

Yet by some chance in biology


I am consumed by empathy

By some choice in my biology.






What of the pain?

History hasn’t changed.

They used to gather to watch them lynches.

Now they can watch it from behind a screen.


Do you enjoy talking about it?

It is just some provocative fun?

A debate for now and then and then and now

And abandoned like that time you were really into Hip Hop?


I wake up and it burdens my heart.

I go to sleep and it darkens my dreams.


Somewhere a stranger was shot,

People watched it on their screens.

I could not. It would hurt too much.

Another, another, another. Child, man, woman.


It feels like we’ve been killed off

killing ourselves off

and life is unbearably overwhelmingly too much for us.

When we get a grip.

It’s lost.


They don’t see the strain in our shoulders

The tears in our eyes

The stabs in the heart

As we explain

Again again again again.


When they see it

Do they feel it?


When they hear you?

Do they see you?

When you die

Do they mourn you?


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