You there;
Fighting the awkward stares –
I feel you.
ignoring the sugar bag
kilograms –
I feel you.
Hairy armpits
hairy legs
hair all over –
I feel you,
I caress you.
with the afros
the monolids
the curves
the apples, the pears –
I feel you.
The pubic hair
peeking from
the elastic –
I feel you.

I feel you
scared of dying
of not being loves
of not having the chance to love
of being hurt
of hurting.
Hurting yourself
hurting yourself
killing yourself
twice over –
I feel you.

The acne
the scars
the blemish
the faultless faults
the birthmark
the lumps
the fringe you hide behing
the fringe you solace in –
I feel you,

I am there
in the fringe existence
I feel the pain
I love you
I feel the love
I cry the tears
I choke
on the words
not _____
I feel your hand tighten
your clenching hug
desperate to fight
the loneliness
the melancholy
the impotency.
I feel you.
I am you.
You are me.

There; We stare into the abyss of eyes.


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