Musings 2

z19 - Copy

It took me a long time but I’ve finally discovered Kendrick Lamar after repeatedly viwing his music videos on youtube. Kendrick and a lot of Japanese hip hop have been my music of choice recently. Most of Japanese indie rock sound like everything I hate about indie music in the Anglophone world. Most of jpop sounds like late 90s, early 2000s pop/rnb but with even more cheese and dance routines that are really just dynamic posing. So finidng cool hip hop music feels like it revives the shallow hole that is mainstream Japanese music.

The Japanese female artists I love blend genres, including elements of jpop, but they do so in a way that you can still enjoy the music without feeling like your thirteen year old cousin isn’t coercing you to listen to it. I enjoy a lot of music from Japanese producers Tofubeats, Seiho, Esno and Evisbeats however this blog post won’t be focusing on the menfolk. Nor will it be focusing on Japanese music, what a red-herring you’ll say. This is a playlist all about women rhyming and rapping.

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